International Journal of Head and Neck Science

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Edited by: Chih-Yen Chien, MD
ISSN: 2520-5900

International Journal of Head and Neck Science

Volume 1, Number 1, March 2017


  • Surgery of the Head and Neck: The Practice of Head and Neck Surgery -- Past, Present and Beyond
    Eugene N. Myers
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  • Conservation Surgery for Laryngeal Cancer
    Alfredo Quintin Y. Pontejos, Jr., Daryl Anne A. del Mundo
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Review Articles

  • Current Insight of Parotid Tumours
    Patrick J. Bradley
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  • Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve (RLN) Injury in Thyroid Surgery: Lessons Learned from the Intraoperative Neural Monitoring (IONM)
    Che-Wei Wu, Kang-Dae Lee, Kyung Tae, Yong Bae Ji, Sung Won Kim, Hyoung Shin Lee, Ka-Wo Lee, Feng-Yu Chiang
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Original Articles

  • Priority of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in Patients with Oral Cavity Cancer and Close Margins? Impact of Invasive Tumor Depth
    Chun-Ta Liao, Chien-Yu Lin, Kang-Hsing Fan, Chih-Yen Chien, Shu-Hang Ng, Chung-Kan Tsao, Li-Yu Lee, Chuen Hsueh, Hung-Ming Wang, Chia-Hsun Hsieh, Chung-Jan Kang, Shiang-Fu Huang, Tzu-Chen Yen
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  • Sentinel Node Biopsy for cN0 Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    Wu-Chia Lo, Shan-Ying Wang, Po-Wen Cheng, Chi-Te Wang, Li-Jen Liao
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  • Identification of Genomic Alterations in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    Li-Yen Shiu, Chia-Hsiang Lai, Chia-Hsin Yang, Ailun Heather Tseng, Hsin-Chung Lee, Li-Jen Su
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